Nirav Hiingu

Relationship Compatibility by Numerology

What Can Relationship Reveal?

A simple relationship compatibility session can reveal your Past, Present, Future, Career, Family, Trust, Relationships and more.

Relationship Reading Examples

If the value of someone’s whole name is the same as that of vowels in your name, then that person will be a great help to you and close associate to you in personal and professional life.

Relationship Compatibility

Virat Kohli: Date of Birth – 5 November 1988 & Anushka sharma : Date of Birth – 1 May 1988 Since the Psychic Number of Virat is 5 ( Mercury ) and Psychic Number of Anushka is 1 ( Sun ).

Since in Numerology -Astrology – Sun is the best friend of Mercury which create caring, affection and good rapport.Hence these personality goes a long way in harmony and smooth relationship.


What is Course Module ?

The Relationship workshop will cover
● How to Get Marriage Date
● Special Formulae 22
● Get Marriage Day and Month of Marriage
● Marriage Prediction through Indian System
● Match Making by Numero Birth Chart
● Marriage Compatibility by Soul Urge Number
● Kulakul Chakra for Marriage Compatibility

Who Should Attend?

● Entrepreneurs
● Psychologist and Counselors
● Agency Owners
● Students/Teachers
● Graphologist
● Digital Marketers
● Life Coach
● Human Resource Manager

What is Duration of Course?

It is ONE DAY Course of 5 Hours only.