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Marriage Compatibility by Numerology

Love is an essence of life which can’t be described in words or verbal communication , it is a feeling and powerful energies which keep people alive for centuries.Falling in Love is easy but making a long lasting relationship with love and commitment is tough but not impossible. Couples who have a few months of relationship do not understand that relationship is really filled with commitment ? Later post the marriage, dilema is created to move ahead or be with a spouse.This real life situation we do face but unable to differentiate between a committed human having strong bonding with your heart. Numerology helps in recognising the true soul who can bind you in a relationship which lasts forever and make your life happy and successful.

What is Numerology Compatibility test for Marriage? How does it work?

Marriage compatibility by Numerology works on Date of birth which helps Numerologists to analyze the bonding ,love union and real compatibility between 2 people through different tests in numerology.In Numerology for marriage testing, we need the date of birth of a couple wherein through different methods of Numerology like Pythagoras ,Chaldean and Lo Shu Grid we sort out the behaviour pattern , like -dislikes and honesty- loyalty among the couples.Not only likes and dislikes, we also check with bonding among the pairs, family harmony , relationship with in-law and how a person creates fruitful relationships throughout life because marriage is not made in heaven , it is made in heart keeping individual ego aside and helps the love with full trust and devotion and transparency.

Why Marriages get break up even after Love Marriage?

It is a nice question, couples feel as why the relationship does not last although one has years of love affair.The reason is simple, in affair one is unable to understand the exact behaviour pattern which is the core nature of an individual, those inner tendencies come out only after marriage or in critical situations.Numerology and Graphology also known as Handwriting Analysis gives you complete insight of a person, to whom you want to settle down with whole heart.

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We,at , help our client to find the perfect match of their life through Numerology and Graphology and other allied science.We have a good reputation in INDIA for various reasons. Since ,we used multiple sciences and allied therapies like Numerology, Graphology, Vastu Shastra, Palmistry and even Face Reading, not only for match making in love and marriage but also to give you best solutions for every queries.One can rely on us for any solution whether its relationship, marriage, discord in marital life, miscommunication in family, career option and selection or searching for the best soul for.Come and Fix an appointment with Us and create the path of a successful life for yourself.

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