Nirav Hiingu


Baby Name Numerology

Every parent’s search for a unique name that defines the choice of them they want their child to be but does the opted name for your child define the right future?

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Business Name Numerology

Business Name Numerology as the word suggests - Name is formed with principles based on Numerology. But why is there a need for a name to keep as per this science? This is the obvious question people ask Numerologists.

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Lucky Date for New House

“Home is where Love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong and laughter never ends”.

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Lucky Date Recommendation

We always consult our Pandit or Priest whenever we make a decision on buying a new flat or office , renting a flat or gala or even purchasing a new vehicle or investing in stock or mutual funds.

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Lucky Name

There is an old saying in Eastern Philosophy, everything depends upon luck, a person does not get more than its destiny and before the time. (Bhagya se Adhik aur Samay se Pehle Kuch nahi milta)

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Movie Name

have you ever thought of why specific movie Box Office Hit , Break the record and few goes for the toss and all the money and hardship drain off leaving behind big shock and disappointment to Producers,Directors and other staff working on the project.

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