Nirav Hiingu


What is Numerology?

Numerology the term itself reveals the therapy or a modality which deals with Numbers. The word NUMERO means ‘ Number’ and LOGY –means studies hence it is the science and study of Number. We can’t survive without experiencing or accruing the benefits of numbers in this Universe. There are many methods in Numerology such as Numerology Chart and Numerology Calculator.

Why Numerology?

In Astrology 3 things are needed to peep into the past Or predict someone’s future they are the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.Without the above-mentioned factors, an astrologer can’t either make the birth chart ( Janam-Kundli ) nor predict the future based on only the time or the birth date.Yes, I won’t forget to mention that even by studying the lines of the palm of a person one can get to know the exact time of birth and date and even few ( 1 in a crore ) Palmists are able to predict the exact marriage date by means of Palmistry.But on the other side, Numerology is the only science in this world through which a person’s date of birth will reveal each and every minor aspect of that individual.

Can Future prediction be based on Date of Birth ?

This question always comes to the mind of each and every individual that how and what numerology can reveal about me, and especially about my future. Numerology can reveal your attitude and behavior, mindset, liking towards specific food, color, people, your marriage, business, job, education etc.

Can anyone learn Numerology? What are the eligibility criteria?

Yes,Anyone can learn this great science of numbers.No previous knowledge of Astrology or Numerology required.Just Willingness to learn hard and Succeed.

What Will Numerology Basic Course Cover?

● Introduction to Numerology
● 9 Planetary system and Numbers
● Marriage Prediction
● Prashna Kundali in Numerology
● Compatibility Chart
● Kabala System
● Numerology Yantra
● Navagraha Stotram
● Money Numerology
● Business and Marriage Compatibility

Who can attend this Course?

● Entrepreneurs
● Psychologist and Counselors
● Agency Owners
● Students
● Teachers
● Digital Marketers
● Life Coach
● Human Resource Manager

What is Duration of Course?

It is ONE Day Course of 8 hours covering complete basic aspect of Numerology.