Nirav Hiingu

Logo Design & Analysis

What is Logo?

Logo is the Representation of every startup or organization exist. It depicts its core values, ethics, belief systems, working structure and how the company form with the vision to grow in business world.

What Logo Analysis Reveal?

Logo Analysis helps the Founder Members and CXO People to know their hidden agenda of growth and failures in their logo. While preparing blue print for any venture, every organization need logo which represent their company’s presence in business world. Hence , the logo symbolise your growth factors

Learn Logo Design Online

What is Course Module ?

● Scientific Reason behind Creation of Business Logo
● Why We Need Logo for Brand(s) /Organization
● How Logo affect Brand Image & Profits
● Factors affecting Logo
● Element of Logo
● Duration /Shelf Life of Logo
● Case Studies
● Colour Psychology

Who should attend this event ?

● Businessmen,
● Designing Agency
● Graphic Designers
● Logo Designers
● HR Managers
● Corporate
● Psychologists
● Students and Working Professionals.

Can Anyone Learn Logo Designing? Any Eligibility to learn Logo design?

Yes, anyone can learn Vastu Shastra, there is no specific criteria to learn vastu but Yes, you should have zeal, energy, hunger to grasp this knowledge of logo design.Also, additional knowledge of Handwriting Science will be added benefits to participants.

What is Course Duration?

It is a 4 Hours Course in Basic.