Nirav Hiingu

Handwriting Analysis

What is Handwriting Analysis and Signature Analysis?

Handwriting Analysis and Signature Analysis is a branch of Graphology which is better known to us as Handwriting Analysis wherein Certified Graphologist /Analyst used this tool to examine an individual’s skills by examining his/her signature along with his/her handwriting sample to understand his/her overall personality.It is said in Graphology that Signature is the public representation of human beings whereas Handwriting is the personal representation of humans.Hence if one needs to know its behaviour pattern ,s/he may consult a Handwriting Analyst to get amazing insight to inbuilt skills and behaviour patterns of the subconscious mind.

How to select Candidate based on their Skills not on Qualification

Parents can Learn behavior pattern of a child as to why s/he behaves in a good, bad or weird manner. And Many things to Improve your Personal & Professional Life

Who can attend this Course ?

● Entrepreneurs
● Psychologist and Counselors
● Agency Owners
● Students/Teachers
● Graphologist
● Digital Marketers
● Life Coach
● Human Resource Manager

Any Criteria to Learn Handwriting Science?

Anyone can learn this amazing science, you just need a zeal , high enthusiasm and open mind to grapes this knowledge.

What is the Course Content?

● What is Handwriting Analysis
● Learn to detect Liars through Handwriting
● Know your Business Partner Strength & Weakness
● How to Get Best Candidate for your Organization
● Which are Best Skills required for your Partner or Co-Founder
● Learn how to do SWOT Analysis
● To Sort out the inbuilt skills of individual
● Is the person Trustworthy or Not?

What is Duration of Course?

It is a Basic Course of 40-42  hours covering the complete basic aspect of Handwriting Science.