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Face Reading

What is Face Reading?

Face Reading which is traditionally called Mukh Akruti Vigyan which means The Science of Face Reading. It is also known as Physiognomy.Some of this science is connected with Phrenology also which is said as Face Reading only but it is not so. Face Reading is completely based on Indian Origin which is the occult science branch in which we study human beings based on 9 planets and 5 elements.

How does it help individuals?

Face Reading is a part of Samudrik Shastra in Eastern Philosophy which consists of various branches like Palmistry,Astrology and Face Reading.
It consist various aspect in analysis of individual like
1- Gestures
2- Eyes and Eye-brow
3- Lips and Teeth
4- Structure of the face
5- Element
6- Planetary Position of 9 Planets

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Do Face Reading helps in Compatibility like Astrology and Numerology?

Face Reading is not a fortune telling Science but yes it definitely helps in understanding one’s own strength and weakness, opportunities and growth prospects and helps in shaping the future.Not only helps in shaping future course but also understanding other human behaviour while dealing in business partnership or marriage, ailments etc.

What Can Face Reading Reveal?

A simple face reading session can reveal your Past, Present, Future, Career, Family, Finances, Relationships and more.

Face Reading Examples

People with thick eyebrows are friendly, agile, warm and believe in strong show off. People with a lot of nose hair are not able to save money. People with deep eyes, or eyes that cave in, are of suspicious nature and usually have trust and relationship issues. People who have a square face are goal oriented and focus on work better. People with round faces are soft, gentle and good at communication.I want to learn Face Reading , any criteria to learn this scienceYes,Anyone can learn this great science of physiognomy.No previous knowledge of Astrology or Numerology required.Just Willingness to learn hard and Succeed.

What is a Course Module ?

● Introduction and History to Face Reading
● Structure and Shape of Face
● 5 Elements
● 9 Planetary Positions and its effect
● Shiv Shakti
● Ailments
● Compatibility by Face Reading
● Moles

Who can attend this Course?

● Entrepreneurs
● Psychologist and Counselors
● Agency Owners
● Students
● Teachers
● Digital Marketers
● Life Coach
● Human Resource Manager

What is Duration of Course?

It is a TWO Day Course of 16 hours covering the complete basic aspect of Face Reading.