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3 Handwriting Expert Secrets You Never Knew

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What Is Handwriting Analysis?

Handwriting is often used to jot down our daily planning, business presentation, goal setting and to create a rough plan but did you know that this writing is not only meant to just make the written notes as a reminder, but it is also far more interesting science to know about human behavior through handwriting.

Handwriting Analysis is the Complete Science to know about the human psychic and its inner characteristic by just looking into their written script or signature.

Is Graphology the same Handwriting Science?

Yes, the technical term for handwriting science is known as Graphology and the analysts who are expert in analysing this script are known as Graphologists or Handwriting Experts.


Handwriting Expert in India

What is the Difference between Handwriting Expert And Signature Analyst?

Graphology consists of 2 parts wherein the Handwriting Expert/graphologist analyse the written script in two parts viz Handwriting and Signature.

Handwriting is said to be the internal or personal life of the individual whereas the Signature is said to be the external or professional life of the individual.

Handwriting shows a person’s inner desire, weakness, strength, its taste for growth and environment, his/her thinking pattern for the people s/he is surrounded with.

 In nutshell, the Handwriting is the Mirror reflection of your personality.

On the other hand, the Signature shows a person’s ambitious leadership qualities, his/her desire to connect and disconnect with people and society. It shows how and when the person wants to express his/her feelings to people.

A Handwriting Expert /Signature Analyst looks upon the weakness and strength of the individual of the script and signature by analysing the strokes, dot, commas, underline in the signature.

I saw that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of imperfect education.

– Mahatma Gandhi


What can we find from handwriting science?

Handwriting Science can help in knowing the following:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Career Prospects.
  • Relationship Compatibility
  • Finance
  • HRM for recruitment and appraisal of employee
  • Helps in the detection of fake documents and signatures.
  • Detection of ailment ( both physical and mental ailments )
  • Mental and Emotional Make-Up
  • Detect Suicidal tendency 

How do I find Best Handwriting Expert in my City?

One can get the best handwriting expert by looking upon his profile and experience one has in the Graphology field. Although on Local Directories like Just Dial and urban clap there are listings of 100 + handwriting experts in Mumbai and other cities one need to have those signature analysts who have dive into this science of letter.

What are the prerequisites of Handwriting Expert?

A handwriting expert must have sound knowledge of graphology. Along with the complete training in graphology s/he should have gone through internship training under senior handwriting experts which should consist of more than 300 + sample analysis of the written script.

Handwriting Expert should have an eye for details, able to connect his inner psyche with handwriting science. S/he should be able to look into all the aspects of this science and has a passion and fire belly for graphology science.

What are the charges for Consultation in Handwriting Analysis?

The charges vary from one handwriting expert to another because analyst charges as per his /her own knowledge and experience hence there is no thumb rule for fixed charges. 

How Long is Consultation in Handwriting Analysis?

This depends on the analyst, but typically a professional handwriting analyst goes for a 30-45 min consultation with the latest handwritten script on A4 Size Paper with minimum 10-15 lines should be written along with 3 Signature Specimens.

What Does it include in Consultation of Handwriting Analysis?

The Analysis includes  Complete SWOT Analysis, Career Aspects, Interpersonal Relationship, Financial Issue and Growth Prospect of individuals.

Any Handwriting Expert goes through the above-mentioned pointer to get an in-depth analysis of the person who wants to go for handwriting analysis, no matter if it is for a relationship, finance, job, child, education or marriage or business partnership.