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Lucky Date for New House Griha Vastu

“Home is where Love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong and laughter never ends”. The above quotes stand so true in every individual, since we keep struggling and hustling for achieving our goal but even after achieving our goal and business aim we always felt relaxed and calm in our own house to which we are really attached just as we are emotionally attached to our child. Whether a job seeker or Entrepreneurs, Startups , Housemaker, Student we all have one definite goal in our life ,i.e to purchase our own house with hard earned money. But even after hustling and earning a new house, we have seen that person does not rest not able to sleep in his newly acquired house.

Why is it so , have we ever asked ourselves or some scholars?

The reason is simple, just like every human is surrounded with frequency of energies whether it is positive or negative, similarly your own house possesses an energy shield which always affects your growth.

How do I know whether my Flat / House is Positive or Negative or its suit’s to me or not?

As i mentioned above that every human and non living things are affected by energies which include your 5 elements, 9 planetary systems and even the colors and surrounding of your house which is minutely observed in the great science of architecture which is known to us as Vastu Shastra. A Good Numerologist , make detailed calculations of your Flat /House based upon your Name and Surname and Date of Birth and give you the best Number which suits your persona and family members.

What if I don’t have a Date of Birth?

This question is often arise when few human don’t have their date of birth and timing of birth, hence many times astrologers are unable to gives exact prediction for their work because in Astrology, 3 things are important to create a astro birth chart viz .Date of Birth , Time of Birth and  Place/Location of Birth. If above mentioned detail aren’t available then chart won’t prepared. But in Numerology, only date of birth is required for the sorting out best date recommendation for your house. But in cases where a person does not have a date of birth, then s/he should approach an experienced Neurologist who can help in sorting our auspicious date. There are few face readers in Asia who are able to tell Date of Birth based on Facial Expression and traits. In case of absence of date of birth,Numerology is also able to give the best solution by checking your Complete Name through Numerology .This is known as Name Numerology.

What if I purchase Flat /Plot on behalf of my spouse?

This is a very common question often asked to us, if I purchase a flat /plot on behalf of a spouse vice versa. Many times , it is seen that the Date of Birth of Owner does not suit the property, in those cases, Numerology helps to match the energy frequencies with other family members also like spouse, mother, children. One can purchase Flat/Plot in the name of their family member(s). People in India, also purchase Flat/Plot due to making the adjustment in Saving and IT Returns. Hence,one should consult the eminent Numerologist before investing in Property Selling or Buying.

Does Property undertaken in the Name of Spouse affect Me or My Business?

Yes, Definitely,but not completely because being your spouse , your energies are always affected by your husband/wife hence the assets and liabilities also affect you directly or indirectly. It’s like – You have 2 houses, one in which you are residing and another rented, hence the question arises does vastu of rented houses affect me, YES, it affects you 100 %.

Why should you Consult Us for a Lucky Date?

We at provide not only Best and Auspicious Date for your personal and professional event but also give you a complete report as which are those negative vibes carrying dates which will delay your project and hence avoiding those dates will keep you and your family safe. At we also integrate other allied therapies like graphology and vedic knowledge with Numerology wherein you are provided with the best solutions to your queries. Our Chief Consultant Mr.Nirav Hiingu provides scientific information as to why a specific solution has been provided to you with strong follow up on your remedies. Come and Fix an appointment with Us and create the path of a successful life for yourself.

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