Nirav Hiingu


What is a Doodle ?

Doodling means to fool or in simple term admin to distract yourself from the primary activity which makes you feel boring or less interesting. Doodle word derived in the 17th century from the German Dudeltopf.

Doodling is done to keep oneself  away from daydreaming for those primary activities in which the brain energy is spent at a faster rate. hand doodling helps the person in expanding its energy resources and saves unnecessary  diversion of the thought.

 According to psychology,  e- doodling helps the person specially the student involved in such activity which requires lots of focus and And it is done in the state of mind when a person is not completely into the present but does not want to get away from it too.Therefore whenever you have a professor for lecturer sure student doodling in your class don’t stop him from doing it because if he or she stops doodling s/he will wander into the dream world.

Why are doodles drawn?

Doodles are drawn unknowingly while the person is busy in some other activity that is open to the people at a secondary activity when they are angled in some sort of primary activities such as meeting lectures, telephonic conversation listening to music or speeches etc.

Will Doodle analysis will help me

 Yes ,Of course dotal analysis help you in personality assessment knowing the subconscious mind  also it  reveal more than like what the person is listening to someone when s/he make a doodle drawing because it is an elder state of mind when a person is aware of the feeling and emotion rather than what he had been focusing on.

What is Course Module?

● What is Doodle?
● Why we do doodling?
● Science Behind Dooodle
● How to Interpret Doodle?
● Different Aspect of Doodle such as Size, Placement, Shape, Object etc.

Who can attend this Course ?

● Entrepreneurs
● Psychologist and Counselors
● Agency Owners
● Students/Teacher
● Grapholologist
● Digital Marketers
● Life Coach
● Human Resource Manager

What is Duration of Course?

It is a ONE Day Course of 5  hours covering the complete basic aspect of Doodle.