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Business Partner Compatibility by Numerology

An individual starts their business with a vision and mission to give the best solution for the complex issue which the society is facing.People are here in the business world to make big wealth and everyone wants to become Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Ambanis etc.

But to create an empire we need people because business is built up and around the people and it is built for the people. Money or Wealth is the byproduct of business which always follows the business world.

But it is seen that even after making the best of the products/services, amazing strategies , best manpower and best market price we fall down somewhere and miss our target.

Do you know why?

It is the lack of proper Co-Founder /CXO Level People who helps you to run your business. We are unable to find that G Spot which is a big vacuum and due to mismatch on thought level with Co-Founder(s), the startups failed miserably.

What is Numerology Compatibility test for Business ? How its work?

Business Compatibility by Numerology work on Date of birth which helps Numerologists to analyze the bonding ,coordination and real compatibility between 2 people through different tests in numerology.In Numerology for Business Testing, we need date of birth of Business Partner /Co-Founders wherein through different methods of Numerology like Pythagoras ,Chaldean and Lo Shu Grid we sort out the behaviour pattern , like -dislikes,Skills,talents and honesty- loyalty among the Co-Founders.Not only likes and dislikes, we also check with bonding among the Entrepreneurs, business harmony , relationship with vendors/suppliers and how people create fruitful relationships throughout the business world because business is not only money making , it is also how you provide the solutions to the current problem of the world.Business Partnership needs not only business acumen ,skills and market and technical knowledge of the required industry but also full trust and transparency to make a strong business chain and make the stakeholder and customer happy.

Can Numerology help in finding Best Match /Co-Founders for our Businesses?

Unlike Marriage Compatibility, Business also needs a strong will ,technical sound business partner to run and scale the current business. BUt it is often found that our frequency of thoughts, our inner vibes later does not match with current board members and hence there come clashes among Founder(s) which create disturbances in business.Numerology helps you to find the perfect match for your business, no matter whether it is a Co-Founder or CXO level Members or entry level Executive, it helps to find out the best candidate for the required role in your StartUp.

Why Maximum StartUps Failed even after having the best resources?

It is a nice question, couples feel as why the relationship does not last although one has years of love affair. The reason is simple, in affair one is unable to understand the exact behaviour pattern which is the core nature of an individual, those inner tendencies come out only after marriage or in critical situations.Business Relationship is also like Love Relationship, we need to understand inner most strength and weaknesses of the Member in our Organization, should know how to utilise those business skills and acumen but with truly honest candidate who can run the business with honest intention not by hook and crook with sole purpose of money making by giving false commitment to people around the businesses.Numerology and Graphology also known as Handwriting Analysis gives you complete insight of a person, to whom you want to settle down in business with whole heart.

Why Us?

We,at , help our client to find the perfect match of their life through Numerology and Graphology and other allied science.We have a good reputation in INDIA for various reasons. Since ,we used multiple sciences and allied therapies like Numerology, Graphology, Vastu Shastra, Palmistry and even Face Reading, not only for match making in love and marriage but also to give you best solutions for every queries.One can rely on us for any solution whether its relationship with employees,Founder Members, discord in business life, miscommunication in employees,Business Strategies, Logo for Business and selection or searching for the best Co-Founder for your StartUp.Come and Fix an appointment with Us and create the path of successful life for yourself.

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