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Logo is the Representation of every startup or organization exist. It depicts its core values, ethics, belief systems, working structure and how the company form with the vision to grow in business world.

What Logo Analysis Reveal?

Logo Analysis helps the Founder Members and CXO People to know their hidden agenda of growth and failures in their logo. While preparing blue print for any venture, every organization need logo which represent their company’s presence in business world. Hence , the logo symbolise your growth factors.

Logo Analysis reveal multiple factors like

1)How will the company grow?
2)What will be their HRM policy?
3)Will the company expand their wings in other sectors?
4)How successful will their upcoming brands be ?
5)How is the relationship of vendor and supplier with the company?
6)The Outstanding and Dues?
7)Mindset of the Founder Members and Employees?

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Do Logo Analysis/Logo Design Reveal Future?

No, it is not a future revealing tool unlike Astrology and Palmistry but it definitely helps in knowing the behaviour pattern of the organization and its relationship and market value through which Analyst can reveal its future i.e failures and success.

Does color also play an important role in Logo?

Yes, Scientifically it is proven that Color plays an important role not only in the Company but also on the individual mind and its thinking process affects the surrounding through the color(s).Like each color has its own significance for example – Red is a vibrant color suit to startup companies that want to grow faster with proper planning and strategies.

So, can anyone choose any color for StartUp?

No, one should consult Logo Analyst , Business Consultant before applying any color for their business like Vcard,Letterhead, Logo. etc because each and every individual is different so are their thoughts and working patterns. A Logo Analyst /Coach will help in choosing the right color for your product based upon the industry/segment.

Does it mean like Company Logo, brand logo need to take care?

Yes,101 percent, just like company logos , every brand has its own logo, here logo represents its shelf life in the business world based upon the proper it has been created for as a value proposition.

We,do give consultation to startup as well as establishment firm in launching their new brands and products.

Apart from Logo Analysis , Do you create Logo from scratch?

Yes, We Do create Logo for Startups and Corporate also who re looking for launching new brands/products.

Why should you Consult Us for Logo Analysis?

We at it has been our consistent effort to look after every client’s needs and give them the best solution to get the amazing benefits of Logo to make their career better and improve their business and business relationship.At we also integrate other allied therapies like graphology and vedic knowledge with Numerology wherein you are provided with the best solutions to your queries.Our Chief Consultant Mr. Nirav Hiingu provides scientific information as to why specific solutions have been provided to you with strong follow up on your remedies.
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