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3 Numerologist in India Secrets You Never Knew

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What is Numerology? Does Numerology Work?

Numerology is the term implied – It is the Science of Faith and Numbers. It comes from the Greek Word – Numeros meaning Numbers and Logy mean Studies, hence it is a science of vibration of numbers.

Numerology is highly developed in the Western World by Hebrews who went into in-depth studies of this science of numbers. They used to study daily, calculate the numbers, dates for the month, year, name and go through the complete analysis for every situation and individuals.

History Of Numerologist in India

As mentioned above this science was well developed in the western world its root in the Indian soil where Parashar Rishi, a scholar in ancient India who has developed not only Astrology but also Numerology and Graphology ( Science of Letters and Written Script ).

But after Parashar who worked so hard on Numerology, slowly and steadily, the confounding knowledge vanished as it was only given to brahmin pandit and Rishi Putra hence it was imparted from guru shishya parampara.

The knowledge started flowing in Vedic Era precisely which after a few years a link of knowledge broke down when people moved for material gain hence Astro Spiritual Science vanished from Indian soil.

But it was the hard work of serious scholars like Sepherial, Dr.Kross, Taylor, Morris C, Dr Julian, Goodmen, and of course Pythagoras and Chaldeans who developed these modalities to such extent that one is not only able to solve his/her issue but also can peep into the  future problems and can throw a light to show the right path to human life.

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Does Numerology Work?

Yes, It works more than your expectations and belief system. It is seen that many people do not believe in the ancient system, thinking it is superstitious to believe in numbers and Cosmic Energy. This is happening in today’s world, many people who have not mastered this science of numbers, have started teaching and advising people, giving professional consultation without going in the depth of this science.

The Whole World is made of two energies – Positive and Negative which can be said as Yin and Yang according to Chinese Philosophy, these 2 factors only work in Numerology and other alternative science.

The same concept has been taught in the ancient school of thoughts in Vedic Literature which says the Cosmos is made up of Shiv-Shakti and 5 Elements viz- Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Space.

When these numbers get in sync with the elements, name,  and letter thus the sound vibration is formed which gets reflected in human life as per his karmic cycle. Hence, Numerology is nothing but a science of sound vibration.

It is a vast ocean which consists of multiple modalities and therapy which include Indian, Western, Hebrew and Arabic Systems.

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How Many Systems are in Numerology?

As per my knowledge and clinical practice, there are 6 types of Systems in Numerology.

  1. Indian (Samar Saar Padhati ) 
  2. Pythagoras
  3. Chaldean
  4. Arabic
  5. Kabala
  6. Chinese

What Does Numerology Reading involve or consist of?

As mentioned earlier there are 5 major modalities in Numerology, its calculation and reading consists of Life-Path Number, Expression Number, Soul Urge Number, Pinnacle Numbers, Numerology Almanac to name a few.

Depending on the requirement, the practicing numerologist prepares the numerology chart and reports and advises to work on those numbers and energies.

Do You Need Help in Numerology Reading?

We at Nirav Hiingu, have earned a name with 10 years of experience and have been rated as the best numerologists in Mumbai region and across India by our clients and well-wishers. 

We utilise the best of our knowledge in our clinical practice and training workshops on Numerology.

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How to Find Best Numerologist in India?

One can get the best Numerologist in India expert by looking upon his profile and experience one has in the Numerology.Although on Local Directories like Just Dial and urban clap there are listings of 100 + numerologist in Mumbai and other cities one need to have those Numerologist who have drive deep into science of numbers.

What are the prerequisites of Numerologist in India ?

A Numerologist must have sound knowledge of Numerology. Along with the complete training in numerology s/he should have gone through internship training under senior numerology experts which should have in depth knowledge of all above mentioned 6 modalities or system of numerology.

Numerologist in Mumbai should have an eye for details, able to connect his inner psyche with Science of Numbers. S/he should be able to look into all the aspects of this science and has a passion and fire belly for Numerology.

What are the charges for Consultation in Numerology ?

The charges vary from one Numerologist to another because analyst charges as per his /her own knowledge and experience hence there is no thumb rule for fixed charges. 

How Long is Consultation in Numerology in India ?

This depends on the analyst, but typically a Best Numerologist goes for a 30-45 min consultation with all the credentials from clients such as Complete Name, Pet Name, Date of Birth.

What Does it include in Consultation of Numerology?

The Analysis includes  Complete SWOT Analysis, Career Aspects, Interpersonal Relationship, Financial Issue and Growth Prospect of individuals.

Any Numerologist in India  goes through the above-mentioned pointer to get an in-depth analysis of the person who wants to go for handwriting analysis, no matter if it is for a relationship, finance, job, child, education or marriage or business partnership.