Nirav Hiingu

About Us

Nirav Hiingu is a Best Numerologists in India, Vastu Shastra Consultant ,Qualified Handwriting Expert, Logo Analyst and Face Reader. He has worked in various MNCs in core sales teams and has experience in coaching to enhance human efficiency using different skills such Handwriting & drawing analysis, Yoga, Pranic Healing and other modalities.

He is a Serial Entrepreneur and CEO at PRISCUS HEALTHCARE which is a leading Herbal Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical company . After completing ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing’ from ‘Welingkar Institute, Mumbai,’ he completed his training in ‘Soft skills’ from ‘BM English Speaking Institute, Mumbai. His passion for learning different skills  inspired him to acquire knowledge of different therapies.

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He has completed his Graphology education from IGPS leading institution in handwriting from chief mentor – Mr. Milind Rajore.

He has analyzed more than 1000 specimens during his tenure as an intern under senior handwriting experts and was Ex-Secretary and Founder Member of MGS ( 2015-17 ) – Mumbai Graphologists Society, which is a Pioneer Forum in handwriting in INDIA.

My Journey to Occult Science

I am from a Spiritual Background, born in a middle-class Gujrati family who believes in up-bringing children with simple  living with high thinking. Blessed by the spiritual gurus in early childhood, I was fortunate to meet Highly Elevated Yogis of the Himalayas and Occult Experts. My parents got spiritual initiation (Diksha) from those Spiritual Mentors.

I also started following the same path of  daily meditation, prayer and learning the mystic behind this cosmos through our spiritual master.We lived in a small room of 100 sq ft in Worli, Mumbai where my father used to struggle for his bread and butter and my mother although a certified Doctor was not allowed to practise as instructed by her in-laws.

After coming in contact with spiritual masters, I used to get different experiences, spiritual plus material gains and by the time I reached  high school, my father also gained financial prosperity due to certain spiritual practises instructed by the gurus. This strengthened my faith in spiritual and occult science as I saw how a common man could climb success through Occult Science.But as I grew, my master took MahaSamadhi and I felt alone. I started my journey searching for a monk (along with my Schooling and Graduation). I acquired insight as to how this cosmos is affected by 9 planets and how to deal with the negative effects.

During my journey to find knowledge and true guru, I met many Himachali Monks, sat at their feet and learnt whatever they taught me (I usually took a 2-months gap from studies and job to visit monks.)Although it wasn’t very easy to leave the house and move to hilly areas, I felt ill (from 1996 -2007) and suffered from chronic brain disease of Brain where I had lost my memory for a few days. 

Despite the best of treatment, my studies got affected but my firmness to learn Occult  did not fade.Then came another milestone of my  journey, when I learnt Graphology (although previously, I was practising Signature Analysis, learning from books from College time). I received comprehensive  training and learned this  amazing science of Handwriting which I cubed with Numerology and found stunning results while  giving FREE Consultation to relatives and friends. 

Hence after 6 years of practising occult studies, I started Full-Time Business in training in this area and imparting knowledge.I remember, once I was in Navsari with one Monk from Mumbai who had a very  high level of occult science gyan, suddenly during our conversation, it started raining and our car got stuck in between. 

I was worried and asked the Monk- now how we will go to Navsari Jungle ( we were travelling in search of Kali Haldi and other herbs)  then he recited a few Vedic mantras and surprisingly the rainfall stopped.I remember one more incident in Nasik two year back.  I took one monk from Gujarat to Nasik where  we met a guy whose 3rd Eye was active and was able to see the Past and was able to do mind-reading very well. 

When we met him, to test his power, I took my talisman ( Tabeej ) and asked him, what does it contain? He took in his hand and told me  what exact yantra was secured in that taweez. Many secretive talks happened between us and I was fortunate to receive some tricks of Numerology as this saint’s blessings.

During my Occult journey, I have also failed miserably 3 times in my startups which had broken me from inside and felt I do not have any skills for entrepreneurship but the moral support from family was so strong and my monks gave me the courage to move ahead.

Finally I Met my 3rd Failure by launching my Dream of starting my own Pharma Marketing Company but I did not give up and kept moving ahead and I started again with one more Consulting Business, with full faith in my in-built skills of solving complex issues through occult studies which I gave name to this company as Nirav Hiingu.

I have also started a blog to make my readers and like-minded people understand this great science of cosmos.

My Message for the Future Legends

Do not wait for the Best time to Come, and don’t wait for help from the parents and friends, create your path, be your architect. Take high Risk, if succeeded you will be the Leader, if Failed – you will be the Mentors, in both conditions you will gain momentum.

Be your own Teacher – “Aapo Devo Bhavah” Let spread the light of Knowledge.