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A Numerologist, Hand Writing Expert and Vastu Consultant

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About Us

Nirav Hiingu is a Famous Numerologist in Mumbai, India, Vastu Consultant, qualified Handwriting Expert, Logo Analyst and Face Reader.

He has worked in various MNCs in core sales teams and enhanced human efficiency using different skills such as Handwriting & drawing analysis, Yoga, Pranic Healing and other modalities.

He is a Serial Entrepreneur and CEO at PRISCUS HEALTHCARE which is a leading Herbal Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical company .

After completing ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing’ from ‘Welingkar Institute, Mumbai,’ His passion for learning different skills inspired him to acquire knowledge of different therapies.

Our Services

Vastu Shastra Consulting

‘Vaastu’ means to reside which is derived from the word: ‘Vaas’ which means to occupy it. Hence Vaastu is a complete traditional science of Hindus which consists of specific measurement, layout and design assigned to the humans.


Graphology Training

Graphology which is better known to us as Handwriting Analysis wherein Certified Graphologist /Analyst used this tool to examine an individual's skills by examining his/her signature along with his/her handwriting sample to understand his/her overall personality.


Face Reading Analysis

Face Reading helps in understanding one's own strength and weakness, opportunities and growth prospects and helps in shaping the future. Not only helps in shaping future course but also understanding other human behaviour while dealing in business partnership or marriage, ailments etc.


Numerology Services

Numerology the term itself reveals the therapy or a modality which deals with Numbers. The word NUMERO means ‘ Number’ and LOGY –means studies hence it is the science and study of Number. We can’t survive without experiencing or accruing the benefits of numbers in this Universe. There are many methods in Numerology such as Numerology Chart and Numerology Calculator


Logo Design Analysis

Logo is the Representation of every startup or organization. It depicts its core values, ethics, belief systems, working structure and how the company forms with the vision to grow in the business world.


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Logo Analysis


Handwriting & Signature Analysis



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